How Commercial CCTV Systems Can Reduce False Claims of Crime

commercial cctv systems

If you are in the market for CCTV security for your commercial premises, then you have several different options available. These days, CCTV security is not just about monitoring your company’s internal areas. Now, it is also about protecting your commercial business from harm. Security experts commercial cctv systemsagree that even if your business has a small staff, it is still important to have a solid security system in place. To this end, it is advisable to research the best commercial CCTV options that are available.

The location and size of a business should be considered before making a selection. Large, high rise commercial properties may require several cameras with different views, panning, zoom and tilt options. CCTV Camera Systems for Your Business: Your commercial CCTV system may include:

There are numerous types of commercial CCTV systems that are available. One such option is monocular surveillance. Monocular surveillance can monitor both the interior of the building and exterior areas. The main benefit of using this type of system is that all of the images are transmitted in real time. This enables a trained operator to manually manage the cameras and monitors.

Another type of commercial CCTV systems is HDTV CCTV. With an HDTV system a subscriber can receive full-motion video, which can be displayed on the television screen. This allows operators to monitor all camera areas and view live video feeds. A commercial CCTV systems provider can connect the cameras to special software, which automatically identifies suspicious activity and activates the motion detectors. In addition, HDTV cameras can also prevent theft by monitoring any door or window movement.

Security Alarms: Some commercial CCTV systems also provide security measures. Alarms can be set to activate at specified times during the day or night. For businesses that have access to the outside of their business premises, alarms can be triggered when potential threats are identified. In addition, business security alarms can be set to send an email or text message to a third party, if an alarm is activated. These alerts can be customised to specifically pertain to your specific business.

Panic Switching: Certain commercial CCTV systems also offer panic switching functionality. This functionality allows a second, separate security system to be switched on in the event that a sensor is alerted. This allows an external administrator to manually activate this second system. It is useful for controlling the security system in the event of an emergency, but is not essential for all commercial CCTV systems.

Security Vanes: There are commercial CCTV systems that allow surveillance of high-risk areas, such as fences and above-ground swimming pools. These can often be controlled by an air-borne remote. A criminal may decide to bypass these areas, so a camera fixed to a high-point can deter some potential burglars. A criminal may also choose to travel underneath a fence. By using a remote to activate an aerial surveillance camera, it is easier to ensure that no one gets to the area under the fence. Vanes are also often used on busy highways, where drivers may be travelling faster than usual and should be watched closely.

Security Camera Systems: These commercial CCTV systems can provide an exceptional solution for protecting business premises. Many of these cameras are installed at the front or rear of the business premises. Some cameras can also be hidden, allowing them to remain hidden until needed. Hidden cameras can be put near entrance points, parking lots, or anywhere people might enter or leave a property. They can then monitor the area for suspicious activity.

Some commercial CCTV systems allow the recording of footage on a hard drive. This means that any changes or alterations can be made before the material is being recorded. These systems can be used to make sure that alterations are done correctly and also to check that the business owner has kept the tape for the correct length of time. This can reduce disputes and possible costs.

High Definition CCTV Systems: Although not always considered to be a ‘commercial’ solution, many commercial premises have been fortified with high definition cctv cameras. These cameras have revolutionised security, making it much easier for businesses to protect their premises against criminals. These systems allow for more precise monitoring of premises and can be seen from a distance. This makes it easier to identify and apprehend criminals. It also makes it much easier for police to identify suspects involved in any incidents on or near a commercial premise.

Whilst high-definition CCTV commercial video surveillance systems can sometimes help prevent false claims of crime and violence, they cannot always prove the presence of these criminals. Therefore it is important that all premises are protected using commercial CCTV systems. Crime and violence are a blight on society and it is vital that people report any cases of harassment or malicious activity to the Police as soon as possible. However, many businesses choose to put off calling the Police for fear of being accused of ‘looking like a pauper’ if they call in an act of violence or crime. Many false claims of crime are also made due to fear of being reported. By using commercial CCTV systems, criminals and pranksters will be prevented from causing further problems for the business and its staff.

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