Parcel Collection and Delivery

DPDgroup is an internationally recognized parcel collection and delivery service for parcel sorters compatible with worldwide standards of weight and size. Its brands are DPD, Colissimo, Chronopost and Seur, BRT and Euterpe. The company offers its parcel collection and delivery services both on-line and via air freight services worldwide. It serves clients from all over Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and America.

parcel collection and delivery

DPDgroup operates a network of depots across Europe and its largest depot situated in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, is the biggest in Europe. Apart from these, it also has outposts parcel collection and deliveryin some major cities in Japan, Singapore, China, South Africa and the Philippines. As part of its international services available through air freight and courier services, DPD is able to deliver packages to almost any part of the world. Its parcel collection and delivery services available online have helped it to expand its business at an unprecedented pace.

The company utilizes a unique technology known as EPOS (electronic signature) to facilitate the collection and delivery of parcels. EPOS is a procedure applied to collect payments from the recipient by means of bank transfers or credit card payments. Once an application is processed, the payment will be debited from the account of the courier operator and the receiver’s billing will appear on the billing statement of courier services. This payment system is more efficient than manual book-keeping as the client’s billing amount does not change during the billing cycle. EPOS is applicable to normal operations only.

There are different options available when it comes to parcel collection and delivery. The most commonly used payment system is the credit card payment system which enables clients to pay via plastic money, debit cards or electronic checks. However, it is possible for clients to fund their account by check, cash, traveler’s cheques and even money orders. Courier companies also accept money orders through bank transfer and certified cheques. Courier companies also provide collection service at competitive rates, which include flat-rate collection, mid-month collection and special rate collection for specific clients.

Customers are able to track their parcels using GPS systems and they can track the location of their parcel using a map of the area. They can also see the status of their parcel using a remote terminal which makes parcel collection service quite convenient. Apart from this, tracking of parcels using these systems has made it easy for the customers to track the location of the parcels. This is very helpful when it comes to arranging a meeting with the customer. Courier companies also provide parcel pickup and delivery of the parcels at convenient time intervals.

The parcel collection and delivery services are also provided at discounted prices for those who prefer to utilize this service at cheaper rates. This is possible as they do not incur any surcharge on the parcels. Apart from this, there is no extra charge levied on the insured parcels. The insured parcel collection is provided within three days after the date of delivery of the parcel. If required, customers can also extend the time period to meet the deadline of the parcel collection.

Another form of tracking provided by some courier companies is the online tracking facility. Online tracking provides the customer with detailed information about the whereabouts of their parcel at certain given intervals within a specified time frame. This facility is available in most of the countries in the world and most of the websites are compatible with U.K. based Internet connections.

Most of the parcel websites have free shipment tracking feature where the customer can track their parcel from its departure till delivery. For further information about your shipment and other parcel services, you can log on to their website. Various payment options can be made such as credit card payments, debit cards, online money transfers and many more. You can track your shipment from the comfort of your home with the help of online parcel delivery services.

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