Email Marketing Strategies

Over the years email marketing has evolved based on the wants, needs and actions of the audience. Companies were abusing their client base and spamming them with an overload of emails, and still today there is a huge amount of spam.

As a result various spam filters and controls have been adopted filtering out obvious spam emails, but at the same time placing some good emails into trash boxes Email1and1. So it is important to check your trash and delete boxes once in a while to ensure no good emails have arrived there before you delete all the spam emails.

Now there has been a resurgence of email marketing and as long as you don’t overdo it then your clients will accept your emails. Email can be an excellent form of communication and even the legal system accepts emails as legal documents these days. For my own business as a Travel Agency all our business can now be done through email… including ticketing. It’s much easier to communicate via email than by having to go into a Travel Agency each time you want to communicate on your travel plans.

People do not want to read lengthy emails, just as they don’t want to read long articles. Choose your topic and then write on the topic as quickly and concisely as possible. This will get your point across quickly and keep the attention of your potential clients and will make them more likely to open your future emails.

There are many companies that feel the best way to get their message across is to flood their database with email after email. Don’t do it. This fills up their boxes and will encourage them to treat your emails as junk mail so that future emails from you don’t reach them. Or they will just delete your emails without opening them.

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