First, choose an interesting research topic. Here are some tips.

Select a topic of interest to you! Your research will be more useful if you are passionate about the topic.
Keep your topic manageable.
If your topic is too broad you will find too many details and not enough information to be able focusing.
Background reading can help limit your topic’s scope.
Examine the guidelines provided in your assignment for topic selection. Ask your instructor or TA for ideas.
You can refresh your knowledge by reviewing lecture notes and referring to required texts.
Talk about research ideas and your friend. Talk to a friend about research ideas to help you focus.
Take a look at the who-what, when-where, and why questions.
WHY did it interest you to choose this topic? What are your thoughts about it? Do you have a view on the issues?
WHO is the information provider on this subject? It is possible to publish information. Who are the people who are affected by the topic Are you aware of institutions or organizations associated with the topic
WHAT are the most important questions regarding this topic’s future? Is there a discussion about the topic Do there are many issues and perspectives to consider?
WHERE do you think your topic is most important? Do you know of any specific locations that may be affected by the topic’s influence?
WHEN is/was your topic significant? What is the significance of your topic in relation to current events or historical issues? Do you wish to compare your topic across time periods

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