Hot Dog Hoodies

With the cold weather here, its time for the warm clothes to come out and the fall /winter fashion lines. Definitely the case with pet fashion as well. Dog coats, sweaters, and even scarves and boots are hot commodities.

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If you’re looking for the hipper cooler trends in the dog fashion world you can’t beat Hip Doggie. They’re always a dog fashion leader and this year’s fall winter line is no exception. Lots of cool new looks for the coolest canines.

A hot fashion pick for fall this year is the dog hoodie. They are a great way to stay warm in the winter for you and your little dog Bad Bunny Shirt. Our Shih Tzu Suzy loves her hoodies in the wintertime . They’re soft and comfortable and the hood keeps her ears warm.

They are a Hip Doggie staple and this year’s new fall/winter selections have never been better. There’s a great selection of styles, colors and cuteness. Suzy’s favorites include the Snow Bunny Sweater, Chuck-T Dog Hoodie, and the Super Soft Love Dog Hoodie.

Lets start with a winter favorite, the Hip Doggie Snow Bunny Sweater. The hooded dog sweater is warm and cuddly enough to keep any little dog warm in winter. Woven textured material and thick fur trim around the sleeves and hood see to that. The knit floral fabric design is gorgeous and the soft white fur trim is made for winter weather.

Our Shih Tzu Suzy loves hers. She digs it out whenever we get snow, unfortunately for her that’s not often in Atlanta. She’s still barking about our next ski trip. Hip Doggie also offers a brown knit hooded sweater with a bit of a stronger pattern that’s perfect for the male dogs out there.

Next up is Hip Doggie’s Super Soft Love Hoodie. This is definitely for the cute and cuddly puppies out there. Pink with black strips and a cute as a button love insignia. It’s even reversible to black with pink stitch for those days you want something a little different

Then there’s the material, soft as cashmere, what more could a little dog want? We try not to ask our little dog that unless we have a lot of time to spend. She definitely loves this hoodie though. Its like a favorite sweatsuit. Perfect for lounging around the house, walking around the block, and playing with her favorite Frisbee.

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