The Role of Air Freight Forwarder Services in the Shipping Industry

Air freight forwarder

A freight forwarder, air freight forwarder or shipping broker, is someone or entity that organizes shipments to companies or individuals for the purpose of transporting goods from the original manufacturer or maker to the final destination or point of sale. Forwarders often contract with multiple carriers or sometimes just a single carrier to move the goods by air. They are often the middlemen between the shipper and the carrier. If an air freight service is advertised as a direct shipment between a company and supplier, it is more likely a forwarding agent acting on behalf of the shipper.

In a shipping situation, an air freight forwarding company makes the initial contact between the shipper and the delivery location. The shipper provides information such as the product being shipped, the address and date of shipment and other specific information necessary to prepare the shipment for transportation. Once information is provided by the shipper, the logistics of the shipment must be prepared in order to make sure the shipment gets to its ultimate destination safely. These preparations include preparing the shipment for air travel, preparing packaging materials such as packing tape, and making sure the appropriate documentation is in place such as the bill of lading.

Another part of the preparation process for an air shipment involves checking the air carrier that will be carrying the shipment. The carrier will perform inspections of the cargo in order to ensure that it is sound and will not experience damage during transport. It is also important for the air freight forwarder to find out if the carrier will be requiring any additional charges such as customs fees or valuation fees. Other fees that might be required by the carrier are the documentation fee, emergency fee and insurance fee. The fees and charges may differ by carrier.

It is especially important for the air freight forwarder to contact the shipper before the shipment leaves for its departure. The verification process will ensure that the details provided by the shipper are true and that there are no mistakes made. Verification is especially important for large shipments or when the item will require special handling. The verification will also help the air freight forwarder to determine if the shipment can be shipped as per the regulations set by the shipping authority. This can save a company from costly delays and problems that might be associated with the shipment.

One of the most important things for air freight forwarders to do before sending out any type of shipments is to check the status of the shipment through the mail. Tracking a shipment through the mail ensures that the air carrier and the shipper are aware of the shipment’s current whereabouts. The tracking can also help a company to make sure that a shipment hasn’t reached its final destination yet. It also helps one to monitor the arrival time of a shipment so that if there is some problem, the one air waybill can make arrangements to have the shipment released to another port.

It is also necessary for a business to contact all the carriers that they plan to ship their goods through in order to determine which of them will be the cheapest. For larger companies, it may not always be possible to determine which carrier will be the cheapest by simply doing research on the internet. Some carriers charge more than others for the same goods and the costs of shipping may vary between carriers. Therefore, it is advisable to contact all the carriers and request an online quote on bulk cargo so that you can choose the carrier that is the cheapest and best for your needs.

When you contact an air freight service, it is advisable to provide them with as much information as possible about the type of goods that you want to send and the number of containers that you need for the transportation. They will then provide you with a quote based on these requirements. Air cargo companies are able to provide their clients with quotes based on the total weight of the cargo, the destination and time of delivery, as well as any extra charges such as insurance and customs brokerage.

Air freight services are especially useful for short shipments. For instance, if you want to send a television or DVD that has a high value, it would be advisable to contact a local transportation company instead of using the internet to find a shipper. You can then give them a call and they can find a suitable carrier for your shipment and make the necessary adjustments. Air freight forwarders make all the necessary arrangements for the transportation of your cargo and the only thing that you will have to do is inform them of the shipper information. Air freight forwarders work with the shippers to make sure that they have enough air freight space available to make your shipment possible. Air freight forwarders also ensure that the container carrying your shipment leaves the port in a good condition so that you do not have to worry about safety issues.

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